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we can access your home for free and develop a comprehensive protection plan,
so you don’t have to share your home with unwanted pests.

Our Mission


Our Mission is to provide the best pest management services to the community in which we serve in the most professional and safe manner for both our clients and our employees. We will accomplish this by providing the best quality of work with the finest employees that we can hire. It is our focus to remain profitable as a company and strive to “stay the best” in Connecticut.

Satisfied Customer


Our organization is unconditionally committed to providing the most effective pest control services with an earnest concern for our environment and safety.

Our commitment is not only to our customers, but also to our employees. We desire all associated with our organization to mature and prosper in the unique profession we have chosen. To these goals we direct our efforts and attention.

As an organization of peak performers, we remain inter-dependent, working toward mutual goals with excellence and zealous commitment.