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About Kavin Pest Control Solutions

Kavin Pest Control Solutions the best solution junction in pest control services. We are high professional fast growing pest control company in Haryana. Our aim is to provide quality pest control service to commercial areas like Hotels, Hospitals, Clubs, Schools, Restaurants, We have Highly professional trained team to provide best services in pest management .

Why Do You Need Pest Control

In now a days, Indian are beginning to realize that pest living in their environment can bring along many types of diseases to human beings. Many such pests carry bacteria, viruses, spores or parasites that may be passed on to people in food or drink. They also spread innumerable diseases.

Rodent transmitted diseases of most concern are salmonellas, Plague, Rat-bit fever and Leptospirosis(disease transmitted by rat urine),cockroaches transmit different forms of gastroenteritis, dysentery, diarrhea etc, Flies pick up pathogenic organisms from garbage, sewage and other sources of filth and then transfer these organisms to human food. They are identified with disease causing organisms of typhoid, cholera, bacillary dysentery, diarrhea and many types of worms. Mosquitoes transit malaria, filariasis. dengue, chikangunia etc.

Termite have destroyed property worth billions of dollars around the world. India’s humidity climate is even more suitable for termite growth. The chances of any property being infested by termite are quite high. In last some years many property owner realize the benefit of doing Pre-construction Anti Termite Soil Treatment before constructing their building. It is also a common recommendation by the Architects. Restaurant, food traders and hospitality operators also realize that pest control can prevent complains from health officers and project a better image to their customers. No matter how delicious the food taste and how perfect the ambience is, having pests running around on a dining table or floor will immediately tarnish the image of outlet/restaurant/hotel.